Wadi Rum, Jordan

The ‘Valley of the Moon’ is the largest valley in Jordan.The valley was inhabited since pre-historic times, the rock paintings, temples and graffiti are all proofs of the same. The region is well known for

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Jaisalmer, India

The charisma of the Thar Desert is totally invoked in the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer. The unending stark beauty of the region invokes not just tourists around the globe but the nature’s spirits too,

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White Desert, Egypt

The number of natural wells, quietness, Chalk-white landscape, bright blue sunrises, shimmering golden sunsets, starlit sky, and desert night camps are all reasons for tourists to flock to this land of infinite whiteness. Located in

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Salvador Dali Desert, Bolivia

Salvador Dali Dessert Land offers isolation beyond horizon. The valley is mesmerizing with red sand dunes, moonscapes, with just a little rainwater creating natural mirrors without a shape and size. Located in Southwest of Bolivia

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The Pinnacles, Australia

West of Australia, is a beautiful Desert Destination called The Pinnacles. Located in the Town of Cerventeswithin Nambung National Park, are lime stone formations. The area was rich in marine life in an unknown period.

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