International Cruise Holidays

Why Cruise (International Cruise Holidays)?

International cruise holidays

Taking a cruise is always on the bucket list of many travellers. Hoping on a cruise for the first time or the 10th time. The experiences are myriad out in the sea. Cruising is always buckled with adventure, luxury, cheer, passion and fun.

First impressions of a cruise liner is always stunning. It’s a different world on board. And packing for international cruise holidays would be a little different from your normal holidays. You would be carrying your best too along with the exotic holiday outfits. The biggest reason why you would love cruising so much would be the ease and comfort of travelling part way around the world without the hassles of visas, airport security, long queues, unpacking and repacking…. The list is way long.

A new city every day, a new country every second day.

Yoko Tours has the perfect collection of international cruise holidays at sea. Yoko offers cruise worldwide cruise holidays at ships of every pocket and style.Just as there are cheap and cheerful hotels for budget travellers and luxury hotels and resorts for those, whom money is no constraint.

Choosing the right cruise might seem intimidating since there are 250plus cruise liners worldwide. But it can be a fun task to learn what the buzz is all about.  We offer international cruise holidays at sea with the world’s best cruise liners, across cities, countries and continents. The best part of international cruise holidays are tailored made and group shore excursions to discover the place you have woken up.

Yoko Tours simplifies the task of getting you the right cruise that befits your taste and that of your travel companions if any. Cruising out on the sea would gift each new city every morning as you wake up. No hassles of connecting flights, taxis or trains to tax your holiday.Forget the days ofairport security, immigration, visas, checking in and out of hotels, finding the right restaurant or Laundromat, cruises have completely changed the ease and surprise of travel.

On Board Activities.

You are bound to have fun once you are on board. If you are planning to catch up with all those pending mails or finish the book you tossed off during the end of last holiday, beware. You wouldn’t have time to scratch your head. Spa appointments, personal training sessions, exploring the liner,culinary demonstrations, bingo, wine tasting ,extravagant three-course meals, an evening entertainment with sophisticated performances, eloquent music or local cultural performances and cocktails, from ping pong tables through to a library, cigar lounge, casino! There are supersized resort cruise liners with waterslides, rock-climbing walls, surf simulators, tightrope courses and children’s and teenagers’ play areas too.You name it, and they have it!


You have cabins with no windows, cabins with sealed windows, and cabins with balconies and suites. Cabins with balconies are the most popular.The international cruise holidays are special to splurge on a balcony. There are family suites with balcony as well as inter-connecting cabins. There are cruise liners with third and fourth berths that pull down from the ceiling or pull-out sofas. In some cruises when it comes to bathrooms, an extra might be a good idea.

Special rooms are available in some cruises which is designed to cater to guests with special needs.

Cruise destinations

Yoko Tours brings you the sea lapping several countries. Yoko experts can help you go international cruise holidays/worldwide cruise holidays anywhere either on cruise liner or on a shore excursion based on activity levels and interests.  You can even explore your own options before your holidays commence.

We have ocean liners and river cruises befitting your passion for sailing, across great rivers, Seas and Oceans worldwide.

What to pack on your International Cruise Holidays?

Formal, semiformal and elegant casual dress codes are observed in all cruise liners. However once you have made your choice of destination and cruise liner, team Yoko will be at your service to help you with packing guidelines perfected to your cruise.

Some of the essentials are as follows: Formal gowns and tuxedos for formal nights on the liner. Resort casuals are the rave now, so shoulders down if you aren’t the little black dress fan.A jacket or shawl, though not required, is recommended.Suits for men and cocktail dresses for women are recommended.Shorts and swimsuits may not be worn in the ships’ main restaurants but don’t forget to carry them. Dress code applies majorly to the main dining rooms at dinner.

And all the accessories you need to accentuate.

Dining on Cruise liners

Cruise ships dining are floating feasts. It has become a myth that dining on a cruise ship simply meant your choice of Continental classics. Today it’s a newly world order when it comes to dining on a liner. Laden with uniquely modern and varied palettes, in some cases graced with worldwide celebrity chefs.  They also showcase worldwide authentic cuisines which is known to most of us through pictures. On-board restaurants and dining are varied and the options are larger for bigger ships.  The menu could be from anything American to continental often accentuated with international choices.

The main restaurants are banquet style and themed with a strict dress code and restaurants besides the pool always call in for casual dressing.

Facts about sea sickness

Many would-be cruisers has this fear, what if I get se-sick? Well Yoko cruise experts do have some handy tips to ensure that you have a very smooth holiday on-board.

Look for larger ships that cruise in good climates. Island hopping in Caribbean is a great way to kick start with. Thanks to the stabilizing technology available on cruise ships, the up-and-down and side-to-side movements that may have made you sick as a dog on previous boat trips are greatly minimized.

Choose your cabin wisely. Midship cabins, which are always first to be sold out, are least motion-sensitive, hence they are the best and first choice of people who are prone to sea sickness or to first timers. The more towards the middle of the ship, the better. You’ll feel more stable. Motion is most felt atbow cabins — at or near the front of the ship —and staterooms in the highest decks

Status of Connectivity: Phone and internet

Cruise ships now equipped and fully wired with Internet cafes, front-to-back Wi-Fi and crystal-clear cell phone transmission. Making a cell phone call , or  getting connected via social media or browsing the web , anything is possible now. While some operators have been making technological leaps, not all cruise lines are equally equipped.Major part of the sail do not guarantee consistent high-speed service which you get at home. Connectivity varies significantly from line to line, and ship to ship, depending on factors like location and available bandwidth.Liners do have two types of connectivity. Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi) and Wired (internet Cafes)

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