Beaches in Kerala

Kerala is graced with tropical beaches with its rock studded coastline hemmed with palm trees, rich marine life, magical sunrises, sunsets and moonrises. However we have handpicked a few among the long list of beaches.

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Hill Stations of Kerala

Kerala is blessed with some of the finest hill stations of the country, attracting globetrotters from time immemorial.

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History and Culture

Kerala, ‘The land of Parushurama’, ‘The land of coconut trees’,‘Gods own Country”, bestowed are many labels for this gorgeous piece of land, like an emerald anklet on the foot of the great Indian subcontinent.

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Bharathapuzha called Nila or Perar is more than a river name. It is the lifeline of the culture of Kerala, South Malabar in particular. Bharatappuzha, mentioned as ‘Pratheechi’

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