India- Amritsar, Rajasthan & the PushkarMela (Camel Fair)

India is a land of spiritual mysticism for those who seek it. It never seize to spark up spirituality irrespective of nationality or faiths.

Europe – Italy, France, Spain, England

Visit Italy for a fair comprehensive historical tour, and for the artist in you, France is the country you should be going.

Vietnam & Angkor

There is something more compelling than the tree lined city of Hanoi or the faded colonial buildings or eons old Chinese temples.


Turkey being at the cross roads of Europe and Asia has captivating and redundant significance in world history.

Greece – Greek Island

All distinctively featured and distributed among 1500 islands off the great Greek Archipelago, just 250 are inhabited.

African Islands

The Islands of Africa are wild and bewitching with its clear turquoise water with sand fringed shores, excellent sea food

Best of Malaysia s Islands

Islands of Malaysia fits perfectly as your dream destination. The major islands are Langkawi, Penang, and Borneoare

Islands of Philippines

The world’s second largest archipelago for island hoppers. If you think one island is enough to relax on a sandy beach

Islands of Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago has 18,307 islands!!! With just 922 of those permanently inhabited. This is the island

Islands of Thailand

Islands of Thailand is a swinging place with elements of every human known persuasion. Kohsamui, Kophangan and Kotao

Wadi Rum, Jordan

The ‘Valley of the Moon’ is the largest valley in Jordan.The valley was inhabited since pre-historic times, the rock paintings, temples and graffiti are all proofs of the same.

White Desert, Egypt

The number of natural wells, quietness, Chalk-white landscape, bright blue sunrises, shimmering golden sunsets, starlit sky, and desert night

Bangkok, Thailand

There is a sensational energy after sunset in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Upscale clubs to Teen dens, from live bands to stylish

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, is the destination for round the clock partying. You think its morning and walk out of the party hole, don’t be amazed to find a line who

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, the ultimate crusade of every party hawker. Ibiza is one place on our planet where night parties extends to day parties. Swanky clubs

London, UK

London, truly a jetsetters party den. There is no party called bad party in London. A floor for everyone, music of every kind, all studded with


Swiss is the ultimate nature could be beautiful on Earth. High peaks, Crystal lakes, Beautiful gardens all set to mesmerise its visitors.

Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown is an Alpine resort town in South west of New Zealand. This little resort town has a little over 200 adventure activities