Swiss is the ultimate nature could be beautiful on Earth. High peaks, Crystal lakes, Beautiful gardens all set to mesmerise its visitors. And all dwarfed by the stunning Majestic Alps. Somebody well said once that, in Switzerland you get three countries for the price of one. Also there is something for every age in Swiss.

A world class winter sports centre and summer hiking.The Bernese Oberland, centred on the Jungfrau Region, is the most accessible and touristic area. Swiss tourism is in two compartments in two seasons.

In summers, the large winter resorts are also popular destinations. The aerial tramways operate throughout the year offering mind blowing pristine vistas of the snow carpeting mountains and its pristine Valleys.  The Klein Matterhorn is the highest summit of the European continent to be served by cable chairs/ cars. Perfect for a romantic or family holiday.

In winters, Swiss transforms into the world’s skiing hub. Bernese and Valais attracts all the traffic. The Ski Season starts from November and lasts until late February. December witness some serious gaming and championships.  Perfect for the jetsetters. Now you know which Swiss season best suits you.

Amongst the snow don’t let your craving for chocolates freeze. Make sure you carry enough of the immaculate Swiss chocolates back home.