India is a land of spiritual mysticism for those who seek it. It never seize to spark up spirituality irrespective of nationality or faiths. The country’s heritage dates back to an unknown era, perhaps the era when Gods walked on earth. The land has incredible sights and experiences which cannot be contained in one human life. However Yoko Tours has taken a route which showcases India’s vivid colours of life, festivity, tradition and culture. When we claim that it’s just a sneak peek of a slice of North India and the rest of India is still at large. Our travellers say that, Amritsar, Rajasthan & the PushkarMela route has filled their Palettes.

A good look at the capital city Delhi is the best way to start any North India tour. The splendour, style and richness of the country’s yester years are etched in the monuments that still stands majestically alluring its visitors. TajMahal, need no description, but would love to add that if you chose to visit 5 places at least once in your life, then TajMahal one of the 7 wonders of the world is certainly one of it. Amritsar wold be the next best option with its Golden Temple, sprawling green fields of wheat and exotic flowers, whose seeds are exported to many countries. Exploring and camping at the Great Indian Desert, joining the camel lined processions of the Thar brings out the Bedouin in you. The painted mansions and captivating pink palaces, the Sadhus, temples, bright coloured attires and decors and the celebrated Camel fair called PushkarMela , all gives you insights of a fair slice of India’s love to its Tradition that it is still kept at large attracting more and more visitors every year.