Salvador Dali Dessert Land offers isolation beyond horizon. The valley is mesmerizing with red sand dunes, moonscapes, with just a little rainwater creating natural mirrors without a shape and size. Located in Southwest of Bolivia above 4000 meters of sea level.

The region was forgotten by locals, but rediscovered by foreign tourists. The regions highest peak Nevado Sajama is apparently Bolivia’s highest peak too. The desert however was pre-inhabited by the Inca Civilization, Tiwanaku Ruins are proof of the same. An odd 8 kilometre widecrater here has several dinosaur fossils, footprints of brontosaurus and other huge dinosaurs.

The desert has however another claim to it, it was not always a dry land, could have been a very wet land, certain theory’s and researches claim that Atlantis could be found in here.

Glowing lakes and dark volcanoes are the highlight of the valley. The best time to visit ‘Desierto de Dali’ is in August to see some beautiful flight of Flamingos.