There is something more compelling than the tree lined city of Hanoi or the faded colonial buildings or eons old Chinese temples. Yoko tours has carefully handpicked a route that could define the best of Vietnam though its exotic dense forests, scenic waterways, unexplored virgin shores. Vietnam has a vibrant heritage and multifaceted culture. The city of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are incredibly opposite in character. When the former is shrouded in tradition and laid back culture, the latter is a jetsetter. Vietnam is charming enough to romance with its citadels, cruises, palaces, tombs and its cuisine. Extending the romance from Vietnam to Angkor is like adding fragrance to gold.

Angkor tour may dwarf the beautiful experience you had in Vietnam. The world’s largest temple complex, Angkor Wat tops the itinerary. The architecture, its magnanimity and the ambience will surprise your imagination.