A purposive Kerala tour

South India consists of 5 states – Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and the newly formed Telangana. The unique topography of the south Indian states of India makes it amenable for the tourist. The extension of the western Ghats and the bountiful rives makes south India a hit tourist destination. These states have hill stations and beautiful places where you can spend your summers and wondrous adventures and treks to be had in winters.

Bordered by the Malabar coast of the Arabian sea on one side and the pristine western Ghats on the other side, the weather of Kerala makes it conducive for travel throughout the year. Kerala creates a deep impact in our lives. There are numerous places of attraction in Kerala – include wildlife parks, sanctuaries natural reserves, exotic plantation, cottages, churches, rivers, houseboating, the famed backwaters, and so many other areas of interest.

Locals as well as foreigners love this south Indian state. It is a great place to be, anytime of the year. Ask a tourist visiting India about a place that has stayed in their memories. Invariably, most of the answers will be ‘Kerala’, without a second thought. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Kerala –

  • It makes for the best honeymoon destination, even in the monsoons. You can approach a reputed travel agent and book Kerala honeymoon packages 5 star hotels at very reasonable prices. There are early bird discounts, deals of the day and various other smashing offers that you just shouldn’t miss!
  • Be it for family holidays, solo travel or any other activity, Kerala is a must visit for any travel enthusiast. It is a wonderful place for a vacation and remains etched in your memory. It is a place where memories are made. These memories last a lifetime and make you smile in remembrance.
  • For a vacation to truly be memorable, one should visit a place that de-stresses you. Kerala does just that. There are Ayurveda spas and licensed massage centres across the state, where you can relax and let the expert work through the pressure points in your body. Go for the Ayurveda massage, learn the skills and technique of ancient yoga and spend time with the masters of art and craft. Kerala has modern amenities, so that you may vacation with luxury as well as ancient ones, for those who want to be in the lap of nature.
  • They say variety is the spice of life. Kerala is the epitome of this popular saying. Besides, it is not just variety in culture that you get to find here, but also in cuisine. Kerala has a mixed religious and ethnic demographics, making it a melting pot of sorts. There are wonderful churches and amazing Hindu temples and majestic mosques. Each part of Kerala has its own fooding culture and habits.
  • Kerala is value for money. This makes a difference when one is travelling on a budget. Having said that, Kerala offers a variety of luxury options too. So, take your pick and book the best places in Kerala for your stay. You can book a 5-star resort or a dorm room, you can book a 3-star room or a studio apartment to yourself. Ride an elephant in Kerala, visit the beautiful spices gardens and parks, have a go at the river and boating adventures, spend a night in a house boat in Allepi and Kumarkom and have fun throughout.

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