South India consists of 5 states – Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and the newly formed Telangana. The unique topography of the south Indian states of India makes it amenable for the tourist. The extension of the western Ghats and the bountiful rives makes south India a hit tourist destination. These states have hill stations and beautiful places where you can spend your summers and wondrous adventures and treks to be had in winters.

Bordered by the Malabar coast of the Arabian sea on one side and the pristine western Ghats on the other side, the weather of Kerala makes it conducive for travel throughout the year. Kerala creates a deep impact in our lives. There are numerous places of attraction in Kerala – include wildlife parks, sanctuaries natural reserves, exotic plantation, cottages, churches, rivers, houseboating, the famed backwaters, and so many other areas of interest.

Locals as well as foreigners love this south Indian state. It is a great place to be, anytime of the year. Ask a tourist visiting India about a place that has stayed in their memories. Invariably, most of the answers will be ‘Kerala’, without a second thought. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Kerala –

  • It makes for the best honeymoon destination, even in the monsoons. You can approach a reputed travel agent and book Kerala honeymoon packages 5 star hotels at very reasonable prices. There are early bird discounts, deals of the day and various other smashing offers that you just shouldn’t miss!
  • Be it for family holidays, solo travel or any other activity, Kerala is a must visit for any travel enthusiast. It is a wonderful place for a vacation and remains etched in your memory. It is a place where memories are made. These memories last a lifetime and make you smile in remembrance.
  • For a vacation to truly be memorable, one should visit a place that de-stresses you. Kerala does just that. There are Ayurveda spas and licensed massage centres across the state, where you can relax and let the expert work through the pressure points in your body. Go for the Ayurveda massage, learn the skills and technique of ancient yoga and spend time with the masters of art and craft. Kerala has modern amenities, so that you may vacation with luxury as well as ancient ones, for those who want to be in the lap of nature.
  • They say variety is the spice of life. Kerala is the epitome of this popular saying. Besides, it is not just variety in culture that you get to find here, but also in cuisine. Kerala has a mixed religious and ethnic demographics, making it a melting pot of sorts. There are wonderful churches and amazing Hindu temples and majestic mosques. Each part of Kerala has its own fooding culture and habits.
  • Kerala is value for money. This makes a difference when one is travelling on a budget. Having said that, Kerala offers a variety of luxury options too. So, take your pick and book the best places in Kerala for your stay. You can book a 5-star resort or a dorm room, you can book a 3-star room or a studio apartment to yourself. Ride an elephant in Kerala, visit the beautiful spices gardens and parks, have a go at the river and boating adventures, spend a night in a house boat in Allepi and Kumarkom and have fun throughout.

Vacations are a time to unwind, relax, let go of oneself and catch up with loved ones. Kerala is one such state that lets you do just that. Ask a tourist visiting India about a place that has stayed in their memories. Invariably, most of the answers will be ‘Kerala’, without a second thought! Be it for family holidays, solo travel or any other activity, Kerala is a must visit for any travel enthusiast. It is a wonderful place for a vacation and remains etched in your memory.

Vacations provide a much-needed break to a person and the family, so pack your bags and head to the best tourist destinations of the world. The unique topography of the south Indian states of India makes it amenable for the tourist. The extension of the western Ghats and the bountiful rives makes south India a hit tourist destination.

Kerala has hill stations and beautiful places where you can spend your summers and wondrous adventures and treks to be had in winters.

There are suitable vacation packages that suit the budget and number of day of planned travel. With an ideal vacation in mind, travel and tourism companies have come up with solutions to help the potential traveller with tailor made vacations. No matter where you are located in the world, a reputed company will ensure that a holiday package for you is so designed that only reasonably time is spent on travel and most of it is properly utilized on the actual holiday.

Now you can get the best deals in Kerala honeymoon packages 5 star hotels. The holiday package contains attractive discounts, tickets, accommodations and a chance to participate in the best touristy activities, in a bid to make your honeymoon a fruitful and awesome one. There are numerous places of attraction in Kerala – include wildlife parks, sanctuaries natural reserves, exotic plantation, cottages, churches, rivers, houseboating, the famed backwaters, and so many other areas of interest.

Houseboating is a popular activity amongst honeymooning couples. If you have a good travel agent and you are wise enough to book beforehand, you stand the chance to spend a night or two in one of the best houseboats in Kerala – fitted with luxury amenities for an exclusive holiday. Hotels in Kerala are plenty – there are resorts, luxury rooms, dorms, twin beds, single rooms, suites, etc. Being well connected, Kerala is not difficult to reach.

From a high-class honeymoon to a mellow one, Kerala has everything to offer. Kerala has amazing deals for backpackers too! Vacations are a time to unwind, relax and catch up with oved ones. Kerala is one such place which relaxes a person and rejuvenates them from the word go. No matter where you are located in the world, a reputed company will ensure that a holiday package for you is so designed that only reasonably time is spent on travel and most of it is properly utilized on the actual holiday.

Kerala is eternally thronged – and not just be tourist from the world over, but also by local and Indians from different states. Many honeymooning couples prefer visiting Kerala in monsoons, since the overall environment, even with the pouring rains, makes it a romantic and amazing destination to be with your newlywed spouse. The magic of rains is fully realized in Kerala and its astounding atmosphere.

Honeymoon Holiday trips should be peaceful, romantic and hassle free where you get to spend most of your time with your spouse. The laid back set up amidst beautiful serene nature and romantic weather with your life partner is the ideal dream destination for your Honeymoon Trip. And each of these criteria matches with God’s own country Kerala! You will find lush green landscape, the waters of the ocean gently kissing your feet, the enchanting western Ghats and age-old remedies to take away your stress at the ayurvedic spas.

Kerala as a whole is a wonderful and perfect destination for romantic gateways. We have selected a few gems in Kerala as the best honeymoon places in Kerala.

Munnar – If you and your partner want to wake up to see the mist covered valleys of tea gardens among the greeneries of nature and chirping of the birds then Munnar is the romantic getaway for you. It is one of the most popular destinations of Kerala. The tea gardens with different shades of rich green are everywhere and it is the main attraction. The cool weather with sunlight with the mild fragrance of tea hovering in the breeze creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. The other tourist attractions of this place are the waterfalls and the echo point. Truly this is one of the best honeymoon places in Kerala.

Alleppey or Alappuzha – One of the greatest attractions of Kerala is the scenic backwaters of the state and Alleppey or Alappuzha is famous for this. It is known for the unique houseboat cruises along the backwaters of Kerala. It is also called the Venice of India. You can relax in the houseboats which have all comforts available just like a hotel room. It is peaceful and takes away all the stresses of your mundane life. So, you and your partner may want to enjoy the night under the numerous star adorned sky and murmurs of the water.

Kovalam Beach – What is a honeymoon if you have not taken a long bare footed walk, hand in hand with your spouse along the serene beach and salty waters touching your feet? Kerala is famous for its beaches all over the world. The unique thing about the beaches is that each of these are remarkable in their own respect. One such beach is Kovalam beach. This beach is very popular among the foreign as well as the Indian tourists.

It is a calm beach ideal for bathing and swimming. You may relax with your partner sun bathing on the beach or you may unwind in an ayurvedic spa at a beach side resort. This beach is also well known for its night life.

Kumarakom – If you want greenery and backwaters in the same plate, then come to Kumarakom with you partner. Stay at a backwater faced resort with a laid back set up. Unwind and relax your mind and body in a traditional Kerala Ayurvedic spa. Enjoy the delicious Keralian cuisine in a beautiful candlelight dinner. Relax and find plenty of time with each other. Spice your honeymoon with a bit of water sports and banana boat rides.

Kochi – the beautiful streets of Kochi gives your honeymoon a colonial mood where you will be taken back to the era of Vasco da Gama. Explore the corners of Fort Kochi with your partner and drift into a mysticism that can only be brought on by Kochi.

These are only a few places among the numerous romantic and beautiful getaways in Kerala. It is a perfect destination for your romantic honeymoon getaway and get over the hustle and bustle of your marriage functions.

Come to Kerala to fall in love!

Why go to foreign countries for your honeymoon trip when right here in Kerala you can find some of the most romantic locations and activities to bond more with your loved one. If you are having difficulty in planning the tour by yourself, you can get in touch with some of the tourism companies and they will set you up with the best short period honeymoon trip in Kerala. When you are out there, you will not only be cosy and romantic but also feel excited and thrilled with all the indoor and outdoor activities.

A honeymoon tour package differs a lot from other tour packages. While other tour packages are more about sightseeing and seeing all the famous places around you on the tour, long hours of travelling around and things to see lists, honeymoon tours are a lot more chilled out. It is more about spending quality time with your partner and going to good restaurants or beautiful hillsides, or a day sitting quietly on the beach holding hands. Only a few of the tourism companies understand this, and so you need to be choosy when you pick the best Kerala honeymoon packages.

Places to go to

Kerala is filled with beautiful long beaches. It is a coastal city with the whole of the western side enjoying the cool Arabian Sea breeze. So while you are in the city, there are quite a few beaches where you can go to. Kovalam beach is one of the more popular of these beaches, and you can make a whole day out of it. You can go there and sit on the sand and watch the waves break right in front of your feet. You can go to the other beaches as well as a part of your sightseeing tour.

There are quite a few other places to visit as well. There are some old churches dotting the city, places of heritage, where you can go to. There are national parks, out of which the Eravikulam National Park deserves a special mention. You can try and visit the museums as well if you are into Indian History.

There are the famous Kerala backwaters, in Poovar, close to Trivandrum, and the Golden Beach, where you can have the most romantic water trip ever. You can include that on your sightseeing list.

Where to stay

The tourism company that you choose for your honeymoon tour package is going to take care of accommodations for you. There are many affordable and wonderful hotels all over Kerala. You can choose to stay in a houseboat as well if you want to enjoy Kerala to the fullest. Get in touch with your tour company to know more details.

What to Eat

The hotels mostly have restaurants as well, and you can easily dine there. Kerala is famous for its seafood, especially the variety of fishes that you get there. Beef is a popular choice in Kerala, and while the spicy Kerala cuisine might not suit everybody, it’s a must have for foodies.

How to get there

Most of the tourism companies start their tours from Kochi. It is easy to get to Kochi, either by train or by flight. The bus connectivity is good as well. Once you reach there, you can expect an Air Conditioned car with a chauffeur to take you wherever you want to go. The car is going to pick you up and drop you off at the airport/railway station/bus stop as well.

The price

Contrary to the common belief, the best Kerala honeymoon packages are pretty affordable. You can expect something close to 12,000 INR per person on such tours.

Marriages are considered to be the most important phase of a person’s life as whole life gets changed up way down. For some reasons, it is considered as the critical event and people do not spare any expenses in the marriage procession. Honeymoon is the most common thing one goes to after marriage and these days people do give a lot of concern to places which can be the ideal places to go at.

People are fond of traveling these days and who would miss out on to go to some ideal places on their honeymoon. There are many places in India with which you can have a long list to choose from. With its diversified landscape, you can go to northern mountains, valleys in the north-east, beaches in Goa or paradise land in Kerala. This is some list to choose from and if you are a lover of beautiful backwaters then you have a definite destination in front of your eyes and it is Kerala. Considered as one of the ten paradises of the world by some traveling channels, you don’t want to miss out on being a trip to Kerala and what better than going on a Honeymoon.

Kerala, a state which is situated on the western coast of India is considered as the most popular tourist destinations in India and there are some best honeymoon places in Kerala to visit. Any couple who is planning to go on a great honeymoon trip would normally look for peaceful place having great scenic beauty at its bay. There are some attractive and best places to visit in Kerala and some of them are:

Beaches: Kerala is blessed with some beautiful and clean beaches & some of the most visited beaches are Kappad, Alappuzha, Marari, Chepur.

Backwaters: There is a chain of backwaters in Kerala lying along the Arabian sea coast and houseboat rides is major tourist attraction you would never want to miss out on.

Hill stations: There are some of the finest hill stations in Eastern Kerala where you can find the most pleasant climate you would want to be with your life partner.

Waterfalls: waterfalls are such things which is not found very frequent in most parts of India. Some of the waterfalls are the places to visit in Kerala.

Kerala is also very well known for its diversified culture and traditions. Kerala has so many temples which symbolizes the rich era of architecture and sculpture of India.

Kerala also has a very pleasant and peaceful climate which any couple would look forward to for their honeymoon. Considering that Kerala can be the best honeymoon place.

Looking at the variety of places to visit in just one region, Kerala becomes the hot favorite option for couples for their honeymoon in India. Apart from Kashmir valleys, Kerala is called India’s paradise with its greenery. There are many travel guides available with the most suitable and efficient package for the tour to Kerala. Especially after the full construction of Kochi Airport, going to Kerala has become faster and cheaper. Initially, a trip to the southernmost point would consume your 2 days but now it has been reduced.

There are many hotels which provide you the rooms with some natural beauty surrounding it. Kerala is very much famous for its houseboats where one can have a house near lagoons. It is one of those unique experience one can endure while being in Kerala.

If you are looking for a fully complied honeymoon trip in India then don’t miss out on the chance of exploring Kerala with your life partner.

Planning a vacation with family, a solo trip or a honeymoon in India? Well, you haven’t settled for anything less, India has a chunk for every kind of a traveller. India, speaks for itself as a soul-stirring journey. You are open to a multitude of choices and each tops the other. India with its captivating beaches, historical monuments, foggy hill stations, serene backwaters, colourful fairs, golden deserts, rich wildlife and pilgrimage sites will capture your heart. The vibrant lifestyle, a variety of festivals, traditional hospitality and lively markets will make your experience a memorable one. Travel and closely discover the lovely Indian states of this incredible land.

You don’t need to go looking for beauty in India, you come across it while exploring the land. The most comprehensive list of places to visit in India have been compiled for you. Take your pick from the list of attractions in India to plan your holiday.

1. Himanchal Pradesh: Moored in between the lofty mountains, Himanchal at one breath, is one such destination in India, where your vacation finds the supernatural definition of nature at its best.

Best Experiences: Adventure Sports Activities, Serenity, Temples, History and Culture, Recreation and many more.

Places to Visit: Khajjiar, Manali, Shimla, Kasol, Dalhousie, Bir, Dharamshala, Triund and Kasauli

2. Kerala: Planning a honeymoon and on a budget? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Paris or London. National Geographic traveller listed Kerala in its one of the ten ‘Paradises Found’. Kerala is one of the most amazing tourist locations in the world and that’s why it is known as ‘Gods Own Country’. You can also book best Kerala Honeymoon packages online according to your flexibility.

Best Experiences: Natural beauty, Backwaters, Beaches, Hill stations, Ayurveda, House Boats, Temples, Arts and Craft, Culture, Wildlife and Waterfalls.

Places to Visit: Munnar, Kovalam, Thekaddy, Allepey, Kollam, Kottayam, Kochi, Trissur

3. Uttarakhand: Are you looking for some place that will make you feel heaven on Earth? Then it is ‘Dev Bhoomi’ Uttarakhand for sure. Uttarakhand is the origin point of many important Indian rivers and adobe of best Hill stations in the North India.

Best Experiences: Char Dham Yatra, Adventure Sports, Culture, Hill stations, Wildlife, Trodden Scenery, Snow Mountain Ranges View.

Places to Visit: Valley of Flowers, Roopkund Lake, Rishikesh, Auli, Nainital, Almora, Binsar, Corbett National Park

4. Rajasthan: The more closely you watch it, the more you change your perceptions about deserts. The desert state and the land of grand forts and palaces, is among the most generous hosts of Indian Tourism.

Best Experiences: Desert Safari, Camping, Birdwatching, Camel Safari, Trekking and other Adventure Activities Places to Visit: Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Ranthambore, Pushkar, Bikaner, Mount Abu, Bharatpur

5. Maharashtra: Known for its amazing natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Maharashtra is one of the most industrialized state of India. The most striking thing about Maharashtra is its diversity. From movie stars and day labourers, skyscrapers and slums, malls and local markets all exist side-by-side.

Best Experiences: Nightlife, Beaches, Shopping, Boat Cruise, Adventurous Activities, Wildlife, Wine Tour, Heritage Sites.

Places to Visit: Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, Kamshet, Mahabaleshwar, Kolad, Panchgani, Alibag

Kerala is one of the most famous honeymoon destination in India. Many couples plan to visit Kerala after their marriage, much before they are even married. Kerala is a perfect romantic getaway for couples who can relax in the winding tea gardens of Munnar or cruise down the canals in Kerala’s backwaters. They can relish a night at the houseboat or spend a day soaking the sun at one of the beaches. Thanks to the variety of landscapes Kerala’s landscape, it a befitting honeymooner’s destination.

If you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Kerala, then you need to plan it wisely because with so many choices, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It is good to research all the tips for honeymooners so that you can make the best of your holiday in this scintillating destination.

Here are some of the best honeymoon places in Kerala that will transport you to another world with your significant other, a place you will never want to come back from.

Chembra Peak in Wayanad is the highest peak in the district. It is called one of the best honeymoon spots due to a heart shaped lake that is positioned halfway on the peak. You have to walk or trek to the spot but it will be worth every drop of sweat when you notice the nature’s beauty in its full splendour. Couples love to hangout at the lake and marvel at green landscape in each other’s company.

Treehouse is the best way to wake up in the morning with your partner. Get unparalleled views of the waterfall, positioned high atop a tree. This is the experience that you will never forget in your lifetime. The treehouse in Athirapally is the best and most hidden gem of Kerala for honeymooners. Chances are, you may be the only couple there!

Munnar’s tea gardens are a refreshing shade of green. It is such a pleasure to walk through winding roads and soak in the views. You can simply walk in the lush green tea gardens and sip some of the finest blends, straight from the experts’ hands.

No trip to Kerala is complete without the mandatory cruise in the Kumarakom. The backwaters in Alleppey or Kumarakom are breathtakingly beautiful. They offer just the right setting for the couples to relinquish in each other’s company. You can get close views of the rice paddies and cruise through coconut groves.

Don’t forget to explore the rocky beaches of Kovalam beach. They are the most romantic sights for a couple that is already deeply in love! You can enjoy the sea with its calm waters, climb the cliff and also get a panoramic view of the shoreline from the top of a lighthouse.

Kerala is a good choice for honeymoon. Take these suggestions and make it worth your while!

Kerala, ‘The land of Parushurama’, ‘The land of coconut trees’,‘Gods own Country”, bestowed are many labels for this gorgeous piece of land, like an emerald anklet on the foot of the great Indian subcontinent.

Legend has it that the sea retreated upon the command of warrior sage Parashurama, to give land to Brahmins as a penance for his sins. He threw his axe from a mountain top across the Arabian Sea and commanded the sea to retreat as far as the point where the axe landed. Thus emerged the land of Kerala.

Legend apart, Kerala’s civilization can be dated back to 5000 BC. Stone Age carvings in north Kerala, in today’s Wayanad are proofs supporting the same. The word Keralam is earlier known as Keralaputra in a 3rd-century BC rock inscription of the Maurya dynasty. Kerala and the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu were the core regions of Dravidian civilization.

One of the greatest seaports of the ancient eastern world, Muziris (ca. 100 BC – 1341 AD), in the south western border of Kerala, has brought in Romans, Arabs, Jews and Chinese for trade. Spices, cotton, sandalwood, and ivory ruled the export list. Another commercial port of the ancient period that quickly gained popularity was the port at Vizhinjam. The port was mentioned in a Greco-Roman periplus, written in Greek, describing navigation and trading opportunities from Roman Egyptian ports, called ‘ThePeriplus of the Erythraean Sea’ or ‘Periplus of the Red Sea’. The core trade routes recorded were through Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

The course of the well-established trade history of Kerala changed when Portugal appointed a sailor named Vasco Da Gama was sent to discover a new sea route to break the sea route monopoly of Venice. He landed atKappad, in Kozhikode in 1498, initially he was welcomed by the Zamorins, the rulers of North Kerala, but was forced to flee when the Portuguese attacked the Arab settlements in the region. Though they were accepted by the Raja of Cochin and managed to dominate and build forts along the Malabar Coast, they faced disastrous setbacks from the Zamorin rulers including naval attacks. Defeated and weakened by the Zamorins, the Portuguese were easily toppled by the Dutch, who in turn was mitigated by MarthandaVarma of the Travancore Royal Family and in 1741 was defeated at the battle of Colachel. The British and French came after the Dutch, but unlike in Africa French couldn’t act much in Kerala.

The onset of British brought in modernisation at the same time opened a new chapter in the History of Kerala and India. British was able to hold their grounds strong because of the wars among the regional kings. For almost 200 years under British rule, Kerala went through major social and cultural reformation.This period also saw the emergence of a number of social reformation movements.

But the tyrannical rule of the British brought in pandemonium in the region. They revolted against the British almost a century before the freedom struggle of India. This unique distinctness of being the pioneers in revolting against the British was by many of our heroes namely Kerala VarmaPazhassi Raja of Malabar, PaliathAchan of Cochin &VeluThambiDalava of Travancore. The disparity in social, cultural and religious views of the people never united them and British exploited this situation. However social reformers like ChattambiSwamikal, SreeNarayana Guru and Ayyankali played a vital role in the refinement and reformation of the Kerala Society.

After much struggle beggaring description, India finally attained freedom from the imperial rule in 1947. In 1949, the princely states of Cochin and Travancore united and on November 1st, 1956 the present state of Kerala came into being, uniting Malabar, Cochin and Travancore. With Trivandrum as its capital and Malayalam as the official language of Kerala state. The mass political movements led by the communist party led to being the first place in the world to have a democratically elected Communist Party, in 1959. Which also set the basic legislative agenda for the people of Kerala.

Ayurveda originated in the earlier Vedic period, dating back to 2nd millennium BCE,towards the collapse of The Indus valley civilization. It is the oldest known ancient system of healing. The word Aurvedaisderived from the Sanskrit words Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning, Knowledge.

Ayurvedic healing means to achieve the right balance of Body, mind and soul. The human body is governed by 5 elements and 3 Gunas. The balance of the Gunas result in a state called health and the prolonged imbalance of the three Gunas results in the state called disease. The harmonius balance of the three Gunas, Vayu(gases), Pitta (bile) and Kapha(lymph) is essential for maintenance of physical and mental well-being. Ayurveda is the only complete and unique healing system that could diagnose and bring in equilibrium.  When there is balance between the Gunas of human body, the system digests properly, breath comes slowly and evenly, work comes easily, growth and development follow their natural and beneficial course.

Ayurveda in Kerala is mainstream not substitute, hence renowned as the land of Ayurveda. No other country or state is at par with Kerala, in its Ayurvedic heritage. Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala ranks top in the world. Mainly for its legitimacy and custom treatment offered to each of every four million people around the world who visit Kerala, to experience, to be cured and rejuvenated by this Vedic treatment.

The Ayurveda therapy in Monsoon called the Karkidaka Chikitsa or Monsoon Detoxication is the most sought after healing programme by Regionals and foreign nationals.

The essence of this ancient healing science called Ayurveda has survived all invasions sans losing any of its immaculate healing and rejuvenating powers. For the people of Kerala, Ayurveda is not just science but ‘A Way of Life’.

Today not just hospitals but major resorts across Kerala offers authentic Ayurveda programmes of rejuvenation, detoxification, and various other diseases.

The Polygenetic classification of the people of Kerala were the coloured skinned Negritos and Proto-Austroloids, usurped by the MediterraneanDravidians and the Aryans of the north. Today the people of Kerala, the Keralites or Malayalisare a multi-ethnic group with varied culture, traditions and cuisines.

This small strip of land has more art forms than it could contain. Majority of the art forms originated from temple art forms. Koodiyattam, declared by UNESCO as the Human Heritage Art and Kathakali are art forms enacting scenes from scriptures. Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art form believed to have originated in the 3rd century BC- 2nd century AD. is the oldest in existence. Art forms such as Mohiniyattam, Theyam, Margam kali, Oppana, DuffuMuttu, Chavittunadakam are all just a few names in the long list.

The other distinctive feature of Kerala is its religious secularism. Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism all prevail in harmony. Religious festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Holi and Eid are celebrated by all irrespective of Religion. No festival in Kerala is celebrated sans pomp and grandeur. Richly decorated elephant processions and Chendamelam are the highlights of most of their festivals. The renowned ThrissurPooram, is the greatest human gathering in Asia.

Kerala Cuisine is ruled by Coconut in its various forms. Its cuisine varies according to geography of the state. Each district, each street differs from their recipes and likings. The food is usually spicy owing to its climate. People around the world travel down to Kerala to try out the famous ‘karimeenpollichathu’ – A pan roasted marinated fish covered in plantain leaf, Duck Roast, prepared mainly in peper, with appam or Puttu. We vouch that these are finger licking good and must try outs at least once in lifetime.

Though Kerala is coastal state, fishing is not the main occupation or source of income. However wide variety of sea food is exported from Kerala. Another occupation is agriculture and farming. Kerala is one of the largest exporters of Spices in the world. Kerala yields almost 90% of pepper and natural rubber in India. Kerala is also known for its coir and handicrafts industry. Another important source of income is Tourism and Foreign remittances.