A vacation to gods own country

Why go to foreign countries for your honeymoon trip when right here in Kerala you can find some of the most romantic locations and activities to bond more with your loved one. If you are having difficulty in planning the tour by yourself, you can get in touch with some of the tourism companies and they will set you up with the best short period honeymoon trip in Kerala. When you are out there, you will not only be cosy and romantic but also feel excited and thrilled with all the indoor and outdoor activities.

A honeymoon tour package differs a lot from other tour packages. While other tour packages are more about sightseeing and seeing all the famous places around you on the tour, long hours of travelling around and things to see lists, honeymoon tours are a lot more chilled out. It is more about spending quality time with your partner and going to good restaurants or beautiful hillsides, or a day sitting quietly on the beach holding hands. Only a few of the tourism companies understand this, and so you need to be choosy when you pick the best Kerala honeymoon packages.

Places to go to

Kerala is filled with beautiful long beaches. It is a coastal city with the whole of the western side enjoying the cool Arabian Sea breeze. So while you are in the city, there are quite a few beaches where you can go to. Kovalam beach is one of the more popular of these beaches, and you can make a whole day out of it. You can go there and sit on the sand and watch the waves break right in front of your feet. You can go to the other beaches as well as a part of your sightseeing tour.

There are quite a few other places to visit as well. There are some old churches dotting the city, places of heritage, where you can go to. There are national parks, out of which the Eravikulam National Park deserves a special mention. You can try and visit the museums as well if you are into Indian History.

There are the famous Kerala backwaters, in Poovar, close to Trivandrum, and the Golden Beach, where you can have the most romantic water trip ever. You can include that on your sightseeing list.

Where to stay

The tourism company that you choose for your honeymoon tour package is going to take care of accommodations for you. There are many affordable and wonderful hotels all over Kerala. You can choose to stay in a houseboat as well if you want to enjoy Kerala to the fullest. Get in touch with your tour company to know more details.

What to Eat

The hotels mostly have restaurants as well, and you can easily dine there. Kerala is famous for its seafood, especially the variety of fishes that you get there. Beef is a popular choice in Kerala, and while the spicy Kerala cuisine might not suit everybody, it’s a must have for foodies.

How to get there

Most of the tourism companies start their tours from Kochi. It is easy to get to Kochi, either by train or by flight. The bus connectivity is good as well. Once you reach there, you can expect an Air Conditioned car with a chauffeur to take you wherever you want to go. The car is going to pick you up and drop you off at the airport/railway station/bus stop as well.

The price

Contrary to the common belief, the best Kerala honeymoon packages are pretty affordable. You can expect something close to 12,000 INR per person on such tours.

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