Some attractive and best places to visit in Kerala

Marriages are considered to be the most important phase of a person’s life as whole life gets changed up way down. For some reasons, it is considered as the critical event and people do not spare any expenses in the marriage procession. Honeymoon is the most common thing one goes to after marriage and these days people do give a lot of concern to places which can be the ideal places to go at.

People are fond of traveling these days and who would miss out on to go to some ideal places on their honeymoon. There are many places in India with which you can have a long list to choose from. With its diversified landscape, you can go to northern mountains, valleys in the north-east, beaches in Goa or paradise land in Kerala. This is some list to choose from and if you are a lover of beautiful backwaters then you have a definite destination in front of your eyes and it is Kerala. Considered as one of the ten paradises of the world by some traveling channels, you don’t want to miss out on being a trip to Kerala and what better than going on a Honeymoon.

Kerala, a state which is situated on the western coast of India is considered as the most popular tourist destinations in India and there are some best honeymoon places in Kerala to visit. Any couple who is planning to go on a great honeymoon trip would normally look for peaceful place having great scenic beauty at its bay. There are some attractive and best places to visit in Kerala and some of them are:

Beaches: Kerala is blessed with some beautiful and clean beaches & some of the most visited beaches are Kappad, Alappuzha, Marari, Chepur.

Backwaters: There is a chain of backwaters in Kerala lying along the Arabian sea coast and houseboat rides is major tourist attraction you would never want to miss out on.

Hill stations: There are some of the finest hill stations in Eastern Kerala where you can find the most pleasant climate you would want to be with your life partner.

Waterfalls: waterfalls are such things which is not found very frequent in most parts of India. Some of the waterfalls are the places to visit in Kerala.

Kerala is also very well known for its diversified culture and traditions. Kerala has so many temples which symbolizes the rich era of architecture and sculpture of India.

Kerala also has a very pleasant and peaceful climate which any couple would look forward to for their honeymoon. Considering that Kerala can be the best honeymoon place.

Looking at the variety of places to visit in just one region, Kerala becomes the hot favorite option for couples for their honeymoon in India. Apart from Kashmir valleys, Kerala is called India’s paradise with its greenery. There are many travel guides available with the most suitable and efficient package for the tour to Kerala. Especially after the full construction of Kochi Airport, going to Kerala has become faster and cheaper. Initially, a trip to the southernmost point would consume your 2 days but now it has been reduced.

There are many hotels which provide you the rooms with some natural beauty surrounding it. Kerala is very much famous for its houseboats where one can have a house near lagoons. It is one of those unique experience one can endure while being in Kerala.

If you are looking for a fully complied honeymoon trip in India then don’t miss out on the chance of exploring Kerala with your life partner.

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